(Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer)

Release Of Liability And Assumption Of Risk Agreement

Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk:

I/We (includes any person or persons on whose behalf I am booking slots/buying tickets, including minor), hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to play/participate anduse the fields of FUTSAL, BOX CRICKET, BADMINTON, VOLLEY BALL, BASKET BALL, ROLLER SKATING RINK, PAINTBALL, CRICKET NETS WITH BOWLING MACHINE AND ALL OTHER GAMES (the "Activities”) at PLUSPORTZ, located at Plusportz, ICF South Colony, Near K-4 Police Station, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600038 and operated by PLUSPORTZ (ICF Multi Sports Complex), ("hereinafter referred to as "Plusportz or Company"). I/We (includes any person or persons on whose behalf I am booking slots/buying tickets including minor) know and fully understand that playing/participating in any of these Activities that I/We shall be responsible for the medical condition or fitness and ensure that I/We shall engage in only those activities that are medically permissible or appropriate for the health/fitness/medical condition for myself or to our team members.

Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement:

In consideration for Plusportz allowing my team/myself to useany Activities, I represent and promise that I/We (or any person or persons on whose behalf I am booking slots/buying tickets including minor/s as guardian), my personal representatives, heirs, next of kin, spouse, and members of my family, assigns voluntarily and expressly agree to release, discharge and hold harmless Plusportz, all owners, officers, directors, members, agents, affiliates, associates, instructors, supervisors and employees of the above named party from any and all legal liability, claims, actions, suits, procedure, cost, expenses (including attorney's fees and expenses), damages and liabilities of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to a claim of negligence, property damage or medical expenses resulting from myself/our participation in these sports and personally assume all risk including but not limited to negligence, strict liability, breach of contract, or any other act or omissions or any other participants including myself or our team from any other cause. I/We agree that Plusportz is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of either mine or my group member’s belongings.

I/We agree that I / We are responsible to keep vigil of the minors in my group if any. I am/ We aware that it is a condition of my purchase of a ticket/booking a slot (or the like) from Plusportz, that company, its directors, instructors, employees, members, servants, property owners, affiliates and agents are absolved from all liability howsoever arising from injury or damage caused (and whether fatal or otherwise) arising out of my purchase of a ticket or in the engagement of all activities with Plusportz or in any way whatsoever due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default, and/or omission as the part of Plusportz, its directors, instructors, employees, members, servants, property owners, affiliates and agents or on the part of any of its associated entities, office bearers, directors, servants or agents.

Participant Responsibility

I acknowledge that I have read all the rules and regulations of Plusportz and understood the basic operation of all the sports Activities. I undertake to apprise all the members of my group (if any) about the rules and regulations of the Plusportz and also advise all the members of my group (if any) to read and understand the rules and safety instructions displayed at all appropriate places/areas of the Plusportz. I represent that I (includes any person or persons on whose behalf I am signing including minor) am/are physically and mentally fit to participate in these sports activities and that the participant/player has no current or past medical condition, (i.e. heart conditions, back problems, pregnancy, subject to seizures, paralysis, restrictive use of arms or legs, etc.) I agree that participant/s has read or agrees to read, the rules and regulations of the Plusportz displayed at the ticket counter and also agree to read the same at the Activity areas and at all places in Plusportz and fully understand the same and hereby agree to follow all rules, regulations and instructions and to act accordingly at all times. I agree that as a visitor or as a participant, I shall abide by the house rules of Plusportz. I agree that I shall abide by the decision of the Plusportz as final, considering the situations/abilities/age of the participants, as far as participation in any of the sports activities.

Photograph and Video Release

I hereby permit the Plusportz to take digital images, photographs, and/or videotapes of participants/visitors including myself at various times during my/our use/visits of the sports Activities at Plusportz for educational, promotional and informational purposes for use in Plusports print materials and on the web(Social Networks). I /We understand that when/if a Participant/visitor’s likeness or image is used in a publication, there will be no identifying information provided (i.e., Participant/visitor’s name, personal information). By signing this agreement, I give permission for use of any images, photographs or video taken.

Emergency Contact Information

Should I (my group member or the minor) requires emergency medical treatment as a result of accident or illness, I (or as guardian to the minor) consent to treatment and/or admission to a hospital or emergency care center if necessary for the provision of such treatment. In addition, I/We give Plusportz, its agents, employees and associates permission to provide medical first aid in cases of illness, injury, emergency, or accident. I/We cknowledge that the Plusportz does not provide health and accident insurance for participants and should emergency or medical services become necessary the expenses are the sole responsibility of the participant and not that of any other party or affiliate named herein.

I acknowledge that a failure to reach my emergency contact in an emergency shall not affect the validity of this Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Form.

I /We hereby accept liability for all financial costs relating to any damage of Plusportz equipment or ANY injury to supervisor/instructor, bystanders and/or other participants/visitors due to actions where I am involved. I acknowledge that I have taken sufficient/reasonable time to read the agreement.

I/We have read this document, and understand that this is a full and complete release of all claims for all liability. I/We understand that I am assuming all risks inherent in participating in the sports activities at Plusportz. I/We voluntarily and out of free will sign my name as evidence of my acceptance of the above provisions/clauses and agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. I/We understand and agree that this Release of Liability covers each and every activity and sports event in which I/We participate hereafterin Plusportz. I/We acknowledge that Plusportz could use my/our e-mail address for marketing purposes and will not share this information with any other entity.


Any disputes, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with this agreement, the courts in Chennai alone shall have jurisdiction.

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